It's a contest, y'all!


We have been so humbled and amazed at the outpouring of love and support from our beautiful community for our project! To everyone who has donated so far--THANK YOU! I feel like we cannot shout our thanks enough! The support we have received thus far has inspired us to give back in a fun way to those of YOU who are helping us out the most...That means it is contest time, y'all! 

We realize that for most small businesses donating $2,000 for an advertising spot may be hard to come by on such short notice--that is why we are giving one away. That's right--GIVING IT AWAY! 

We’re so excited to reach our goal that we’re offering the highest referrer to our campaign the opportunity to put your company's logo or your own special message or dedication on the Barefoot Bus. The rules are easy and anyone with an Indiegogo account can participate. This competition is ONLY open until the end of the campaign! 


While logged into your Indiegogo account, use the “Share this Campaign” link below our video on the campaign page to refer friends, family, and even strangers. The numbers at the end make it your unique link.

Just copy your unique link from below the campaign description, and paste it in blogs, discussion groups, forums, articles and anywhere you think people might click on it. You can also use the social media tools (Facebook, Twitter, G+ buttons) below the description to post instantly. When someone clicks your link, it counts as a referral!


Referrals only count if you use YOUR UNIQUE link. It’s the link that lets us know who’s getting referrals. Find it directly below our Indiegogo description (it should look similar to "").


The best ways to accumulate referrals are

  1. reaching out to and getting articles published on major sites (e.g. local and national media, popular blogs, magazines, etc..)
  2. having your link shared in e-newsletters

If you are a business you can also share your unique link with your patrons and THEY can also help you drum up referrals. 


The individual or business with the most referrals once our campaign ends WINS! 


Of course, your logo or message is subject to our approval. We cannot accept anything vulgar or from organizations/individuals that are not aligned with our core mission and morals. The winner will be notified via email the day after our campaign ends to submit their design. By entering the contest, the winner authorizes Barefoot Birth to use his or her name, photograph, or images without compensation and without prior approval. We will keep running updates about the contest on our Facebook and Twitter pages. 

Let's get some families on the Barefoot Bus, y'all!  

Good luck!