4 minutes {Tampa Bay Birth Photographer}

As a birth photographer I am on call for births from about 38 weeks until baby is born. This means I have my phone with me 24/7 and drop everything when mom is in labor so I can be there to capture the birth and the fresh baby meeting his family. 

Unfortunately birth is very unpredictable and traffic can be unpredictable. Mama was almost ready to push when the midwife got there and I got stuck in traffic. I missed the actual birth by FOUR MINUTES! 

When I got there mama was still in the bathtub. I readied my camera in the car while stopped in traffic because I had a feeling... below is the 2nd picture I took after walking in the door. (Mama did send me the pictures they took and I edited them and added them to their gallery) In the left (my 2nd shot out of my camera) is dad taking a picture of his new son and wife in the tub. The picture on the right is the picture he took and I edited. 

Here is the rest of the story (after I arrived) There was sooooo much love in this home it was overwhelming. Baby boy's big sisters were there to welcome him and you could just feel and see how proud of their mom they were and how in love they already were with their little brother.