Our (Extended) Family : Green Mommy

We may be a little partial to Shannon, The Green Mommy, as Charlie attended her last birth and she has been a huge supporter and sponsor of the our Barefoot Bus project. We love seeing all of her customers cute cloth booties and appreciate the advocacy Shannon does in the community at large.

green mommy home birth

"Hi y’all! I’m Shannon Green, also known as the Green Mommy and owner of GreenMommyDiapers.com. People started calling me the Green Mommy shortly after my eldest was born, and the name stuck. Lucky me! And then we discovered our little Pink Princess was highly allergic to disposable diapers. You know what they say; a concerned mama will do more research than the FBI! And so I did, and discovered that cloth diapers were not only the healthiest solution to the chemical burns disposables would leave, but they were also much less expensive, and tons cuter!

green mommy
shannon green

It’s amazing what stumbling into the world of cloth diapers will do to a person. Slowly, and one step at a time, our household became more eco friendly, healthier, and just like with disposable diapers, cost much less. I was hooked, and started sharing my experiences with everyone that would listen. Starting GreenMommyDiapers.com was truly a natural, organic progression of what we were already doing in the Green household, and now I get to share my love of all things green with everyone!

Locally the Green Mommy holds at least monthly cloth diaper 101 classes. These classes are fun, informative, and a great way to get out and meet other parents! I will also do private 101 classes, for those that just can’t make the class, but still want to get their hands on fluff. Just ask!

Speaking of fluff, we offer many of the major brands of cloth diapers, eco-friendly cleaning products, mommy care items, Baltic amber and hazelwood necklaces, and baby carriers. All of these items are available online, or in store 7 days a week! The Green Mommy has partnered with local baby and kid’s consignment store, Reruns 4 Little Ones. So if you just have to have it today, stop on by!


I have always believed that if you teach a man to fish, he’ll eat for a lifetime. I love how empowering it is when parents learn how to make healthier choices for their babies and children, and that they really CAN do it all, for a lot less than they ever imagined. Moms helping moms is both my mission and my motto. Green Mommies support each other while we are our own mommy adventures. It’s the way it should be and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of a growing, green community"

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