Tampa Home Birth Midwifery : A Glimpse Into Our Day | Tampa Bay Homebirth and Midwifery Care

Our photographer Patti of Sweet Plum Photography is so talented. Patti calls these little films 'family films' and does a beautiful job of them for all sorts of occasions. She jokingly called ours a 'company film with family feeling'- UMMM LOVE THAT! I feel like that captures us perfectly. Many of you know her personally and know her passion shines through her work. She did a fantastic job of capturing myself (Charlie Rae Young LM, CPM, CLC) and some very generous clients willing to share their time a few years ago during some homevisits  in a photo journalistic style. We are so happy she wanted to capture a day in the life of midwives in video- it brings the whole documentation to life in such a special way. It is also a wonderful way to showcase what our 2 midwife model feels like in real time. More about that detail soon! 

Thanks to our beautiful families who were so happy to let Patti tag along- we hope these little tidbits are just as much a treasure to them as they are to us!