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Here at Barefoot Birth we offer all sorts of options for all sorts of families. We are known around the community for our home birth services and easy access to prenatal care however there are many other ways to work with us. We thought it would be helpful to clearly outline the ways care can work with us and what options look like for families. 

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+Home Birth
Concierge prenatal care means homevisits, an all inclusive fee, comprehensive childbirth education classes, and support throughout your prenatal, birth, and postpartum period exclusively by midwives. We do not utilize the 'birth assistant' model popular in American home birth and instead try and replicate the European model of 2 midwives at every birth as well as care from only midwives during the prenatal period. No shuffling from assistants or nurses and only seeing the actual midwife for just a few minutes. We also offer Home Birth for clients covered by Florida Medicaid with visits modeled after Centering Pregnancy at The Community Roots Collective. We currently do not accept private insurance for our home birth services however many policies do allow for reimbursement and we have a 3rd party billing company you may choose to work with to do so. Investment for self pay clients for our home birth services is $6000 and includes all routine labwork, birthing tub rental,  and a 5 class series of childbirth education. 

+Concierge Prenatal Care Only
Prenatal care in the comfort of your home? We do that! Our concierge prenatal care service includes homevisits for your prenatal and postpartum period. You may deliver at the hospital of your choice with the on call obstetric care provider. We recommend utilizing the Nurse Midwives with the USF group at Tampa General however this is not required. Investment for concierge prenatal and postpartum care is $3000 and includes routine labwork and a 5 class series of childbirth education. 

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+Prenatal Care
We also offer low cost prenatal and postpartum visits a la carte. For women who may be moving mid-pregnancy, are uninsured, or who do not have access to care for other reasons. Typically visits are $50/per visit at our office in Tampa Heights or Spring Hill. We also offer a sliding scale for payment based on income for those who cannot afford that fee. If you will be delivering in the Tampa area we recommend delivery with the on call nurse midwife from the USF group at Tampa General however you may utilize any hospital of your choice. The investment for this service does not cover labs, childbirth education, or other services. Prenatal care visits can take place at our Tampa office located at 400 E Palm Ave in historic Tampa Heights or our Spring Hill office located at 8401 Balm St.  

+Doula Support
We offer experienced, compassionate, personalized labor and postpartum doula support with your choice of a trained doula OR midwife. Our professionals attend births in all local birth settings. Many clients will choose prenatal care only options and utilize our labor support services for continuity of care when a home birth is not desired or a client is not eligible for home delivery.  Doula support in labor means constant emotional, physical, and educational support prenatally, during your birthing time, and postpartum. Doulas do not replace your birthing partner or clinical care providers. Working with one of our midwives as doula support offers an added wellspring of education, experience and expertise to your birthing team. Investment for doula support with our team is $800-$1400 depending on background and experience of our professionals. 

If you have questions or would like  more information, you can always reach us directly at 813.515.0825 or via the web here. 

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