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Vanessa Kekuewa

Birth Doula

Hey y’all! My name is Vanessa Kekuewa. I am a Tampa Bay native and the newest addition to the Barefoot Birth family. I became trained as a doula through Barefoot Birth back in March 2018 and since that time have also received my Hypnobabies Hypnobirth certification.

My inspiration to become a doula, like many, is inspired by my own birth story, the birth of my daughter Mayla in 2016. I received all my prenatal care through Barefoot Birth which was the best experience I could’ve possibly anticipated.

I ended up delivering via cesarean and although it wasn’t the birth that I wanted it was the birth that I needed. I became keenly aware through that experience that a doula is someone everyone could use. Having a support person as an experienced outside perspective is an essential part of feeling empowered and nurtured throughout your pregnancy, birth, and even postpartum.

It’s not only about the birth of the baby but also about the birth or re-birth of the mother! 

Since the birth of my daughter and my doula training I have had the honor of attending two vaginal births after cesarean, otherwise known as VBAC. I will be attempting my own VBAC in the next few weeks and I’m so inspired by the strong women I have witnessed go through the same journey I am about to embark on! My doula partner/sister/mentor Brandi Morales will be by my side the whole time which totally puts me at ease. I am definitely passionate about supporting any type of birth but VBACs will always have a special place in my heart.


My husband of 4 years and high school sweet heart 10 years prior to that has been very encouraging through my pursuit of happiness and is excited to see my journey as a doula and team member of Barefoot Birth take me to a whole new place in life. Funny enough we are both pursuing life changing careers this year as he is in the Hillsborough County Firefighter Academy and will be finishing up at the end of the month! I’m pretty proud of us growing up together and pursuing our passions to set the example for our babies that it’s important to love what you do.

Enough about me! I can’t wait to meet all the amazing families that find a home through Barefoot Birth in one way or another and would love to be the doula you need to be beside you through one of life’s most amazing moments. Now happily serving the Tampa bay and surrounding areas as Vanessa Kekuewa, Barefoot Birth Doula! 

To schedule a free doula consult with Vanessa, call 813.515.0825 or email Vanessa@barefootbirth.com