Food co-op is back!

The Community Roots Collective is now a pickup location for the JAMM food coop.

Read below to see how you can participate!

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JAMM is a local fruit and veggie co-op serving the Tampa Bay area. Join the facebook group for info and ordering.

What we do: We buy fruit and veggies in bulk and divide up between members who ordered for the week. Types of produce change as seasons change.

Baskets we offer: Small $18, Large $30. Small holds 15 to 20 pounds, Large holds 30 to 40 pounds.

What's in the baskets? We buy AT LEAST 10 types of veggies an 5 types of fruits, MINIMUM.

Are there any other costs? Yes, an annual fee of $10, and a basket fee of $5 for smalls, $10 for larges, basket fee is one time only.

How often do we have to order? As often or as little as YOU would like.

How soon after joining do we have to place our first order? You can place it whenever you would like, there is no deadline, see previous question.

When are orders due? Orders and payment are due by 8:30pm Friday before the pickup day, Saturday.

Can I order multiple baskets? Sure!

Can I order extra fruit? Yes, just notate that in the "How many baskets" box. (2 baskets: 1 regular, 1 fruit.)

Is the produce organic? If we can get organic we do if it is not ridiculous, to get all organic we would have to charge a lot more.

Is the produce local? We do our best to stay with local growers as much as possible! However, it's not always possible as some popular fruits and veggies just can't be grown in our local climate.

Can I sample this service before I pay the annual and basket fee? Yes, there is a box on the weekly form to mark, "This is my trial basket". Note: You DO have to pay for your trial basket. $18 for small, $30 for large. Then if you continue to order baskets, that's when you pay the fees.

What if I don't like certain things or I'm allergic? There is a box on the weekly form for you to type in to relay that info. But keep in mind, we buy in bulk and might not be able to supply all requests, and also mistakes happen, we fill a lot of baskets at one time and we might accidentally throw in what you said not to, just a heads up. If you happen to get something you don't like, you can post it for swap or giveaway on the main page.

When can I pickup my basket? On the Saturday after order and payment to the previous Friday. (Order on Friday the 13th, pickup on Saturday the 14th.) Generally baskets will be ready at the Roots around 10 am Saturday morning. Please note this time can vary according to weather, the number of baskets we have to prep, how many volunteers we have and other variables. We need 5 orders to secure a pickup.

How do I know WHEN to pickup my basket? The drivers will post on the main page when they are ready. Addresses will not be posted on this page and are posted in the members only page JAMM 2.0.

How do I order? If you have paid your annual and basket fee please provide confirmation of payment and request to join JAMM 2.0. The link to the order form is posted there weekly. If you would like to order a trial PM Jennifer Underwood James or express your interest in the post asking who wants trials for the week. She will send you an order form when it is posted.

How do we pay? Through Paypal "family & friends" to

Deadline is 8:00 pm Friday night prior to the Saturday pickup day. Any orders after Thursday will have a $2 late fee.

PayPal address is
Cash/check payments are acceptable in Temple Terrace only, by Friday 8:30pm on your order week, hand delivered to Angie or Jennifer. 
NO payments will be accepted on Saturdays, except in Temple Terrace. 
ALSO prepaying for a month (example time frame) is acceptable, just private message Jennifer or Angie to let us know how many you ordered and what weeks so we can mark it down.