New Year, New Barefoot Birth BABY!

If you've been following us on social media, you've likely seen some adorable mama-midwife posts of Rainy hanging out at the office or Makana tagging along with Vanessa and Brandi for home visits and that's because Barefoot Birth is made up of some really amazing women who also happen to be mothers! From juggling childcare, to navigating the logistics of getting a nursling to a birth who's mama doesn't respond well to a pump, or simply holding space for how hard this parenting thing is.. we're ALL in, supporting each other in the most beautiful, messy, and hard, yet amazing period of our lives, MOTHERHOOD. With that being said, we'd like like to let you in on a little secret! Our family Barefoot Birth family is growing! We’ll be welcoming a sweet baby to the mix of mamas, midwives, and doulas January 2020! Keep following us for updates throughout Brandi’s pregnancy and birth!

BFB Headshots-12.jpg