Walking through Loss | Kayla's story

As part of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month in October, we will be sharing stories of loss from local families. Please know that if you have experienced loss, you are not alone. Please join us at our 3rd Annual Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Family Walk on October 15th to find the support and community you need to walk through your grief. We will be donating all proceeds to local loss groups who provide year round support for area families. A big thank you to Michelle Beckley of Running Circles Photography for her beautiful contribution of this photo series.

This is Kayla‘s story.

This is my family.

You can’t see me, but I’m there. I’m pushing back my little sister’s hair.

I’m right there next to mommy, blocking out the sun’s glare.

You can’t see me, but I’m there.

My name is Lucas Dalton Kitts, and you can’t see me in our family photos or out at dinner, but I’m there. You can’t see me because while I was in my mommy’s belly, God had other plans. Mommy went to the hospital because she was scared. Her fears were confirmed when she saw her nurse’s face. Just tears streaming down and a head she could not raise. My little heart stopped beating. My mommy held me for as long as she could, but God had other plans. Now I sit next to my mommy and wipe away her tears, I play next to my little sister and help her with her fears.


I miss my mommy every day, and I know she misses me too. But I am so so happy with everything that came to be, all because of me! This is my family, you can’t see me, but I’m there.