Shemida's Story

I wanted to thank you for taking on the role that you have in being a support system for women and coaches during such a precious time. My entire birth story and delivery was amazing and I am so excited that you were able to experience it with me. Since the birth of Sarah, there have been a few over-whelming moments , but everything has been fine. I never knew that there was so much love in the world! No one ever paid so much attention to me before. I want to thank you ladies for sharing this experience with me; you will forever be a part of my birth story and I that's a bond that will last forever. I mean you saw my va-jay-jay! I normally make it past the 3rd date before that happens! 

All jokes aside, I am very appreciative and would recommend Barefoot Birth to anyone I know. You were very professional, but friendly and warm at the same time. (And having my phone fully charged while walking in the park at 8:30PM while 5 centimeters dilated ) Also, thanks so much for the beautiful photos! They were amazing.