Susan's Story

Charlie attended my home VBAC - My labor progressed really well and efficiently.  Charlie was there to help with all those simple things that seem so hard to remember when you re in labor (drinking, eating, massaging my back). It was very important to me to do my own vaginal exams - when I would do a check and describe what I was feeling she was so helpful to tell me what it was I was feeling - my bag of waters then my baby's head!

At one point in my labor, I told everyone at my birth that the baby was physically stuck, not a mental block with labor or birth.  Charlie was the only one at my birth who believed me that the baby was somehow physically stuck. I was almost in tears that I could no longer move my baby with

hypnobirthing breathing. Charlie was the one who came to me and told me that if the baby is really stuck, I may have to just bear down and push him out. She understood how important laboring down was to me and helped me come to the emotional decision that this baby was going to require a little more to get him out. I am so thankful I had Charlie at my birth to help me through everything but especially this moment. When my baby was born, he had a nuchal arm and I felt so validated and understood it was likely his elbow stuck on my pelvis.

Charlie also helped me with my placenta. I wanted to consume it raw in a smoothie.  Charlie cut it into chunks and made a smoothie with some fruit from the fridge. It tasted like a fruit smoothie with a shot of Floradix Iron and Herbs. I didn't see Charlie at the moment when she was preparing the placenta, but saw pictures later. My son says that is the happy pictures of Charlie - she took so much love and care in preparing that smoothie for me and it was perfect postnatal medicine!

I am so glad I had Charlie at my birth and if we have a third, I hope she can be there for that birth as well (maybe as a midwife by then).