BFF babies. {Tampa Bay Home Birth}

As many of you know, Barefoot Birth began as a small little wish of myself and my best friend Megan. This past summer, I had the huge honor of attending Megan's first homebirth and welcoming her son earthside. Every birth is so special, but to walk with your best friend on one of their most vulnerable and important days is simply magical.

These are two best friends who I had the honor of caring for simultaneously during their second pregnancies. Katie and Dana were due just days apart from one another. They became inseparable after meeting when they were teenagers. They put their story like this:

Katie lived with Adam and I in our first year of marriage (Adam knew we were a package deal, lol), and she lived with us in another house in the couple months leading up to Kaia's {Dana's first daughter} birth and I truly believe that's how Katie got fertile enough to conceive her firstborn Kylie, since the doctors had always told her she wouldn't be able to have babies because of her severe cysts and fibroids in her ovaries, then my pheromones are all around her, she was at my first birth and conceived her first baby a couple weeks later."

People say we are like twins. There is never one without the other!

Birthing our babies was the most amazing adventure to have together. We are so in tune with each other that I knew when her contractions started, before she called me."

 I love seeing these photos that so beautifully capture that amazing bond these two have. Dana delivered her sweet baby girl Aria first, and Katie followed with her big guy Conner only two short weeks later. Seeing Dana so freshly postpartum support her best friend was moving! At the time, it made me so excited that in just a few months I would be in the same place with MY best friend!

 A special thanks to Ashley Yvonne Photography who captured these beautiful images for these mamas and has so graciously shared them with you all! You can visit her at