Home Birth Mannequin Challenge! | Tampa Bay Home Birth Midwife

Every year for the holidays we try and do something a little unexpected, unusual, and usually downright absurd. See also : 'Mary had a homebirth' , 'Elf on the Shelf kidnapping' ,  and of course 'Theres no place like home for the holidays'

This year mannequin challenges are all the rage so we figured- why not hitch a ride on that bandwagon for a moment??!

This video features our Barefoot Family which consists of midwife Charlie Rae Young LM, CPM, CLC, midwife Erica Lea Barclay LM,  student midwife Jenn Stone LPN, CLC, student midwife Jenn 'Bennett' Osorio, Doula Brandi Morales, Doula Sara Jones, photographer Patricia Cannon, and massage therapist and beloved midwife husband Wesley Bozeman. Camera credit and 4th grade editing skills props goes to Jenn's daughter Naomi who tries so hard to keep us 'with it' .......whatever that means.