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Yin Yoga with Blair: Stomach and Spleen Sequence

Adult and mature teens only. All flexibility and fitness levels are welcome! There are fewer poses (asanas) per class- each pose is held anywhere from 1-15 minutes (with props as needed). These poses target the deep connective (“Yin”) tissues in the body, such as ligaments, bones, fascia and joints of the body that are typically not accessed as much during a more active (“Yang”) practice. This class is a wonderful compliment if you already have an established muscular (“Yang”) practice. It is also great if you like a quiet class where you can slow down and surrender. The class is healing, relaxing and takes into account the whole person- body, mind and spirit. Prior yoga and/or meditation experience is not required.

Please bring Yoga Mat, all other props provided. 

$10 per class
Two Payment Methods: 
1. Cash
2. Paypal- select "Friends and Family" to:

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